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Armor Guard Commercial and Residential Sealcoating

Armor Guard Sealcoating is a company founded on quality and has set a precedent in the asphalt maintenance industry by insisting on only the very best in pavement preparation, products used, application of products and follow up maintenance program to prolong the life of your pavement investment up to 300%. Armor Guard is a commercial and residential sealcoating company that will be an on-going team member in the managing of your asphalt, to ensure the most coverage for your dollar. Please allow us to take you through a pavement maintenance educational tour. Click on any area of interest and feel free to call us with any questions you might have or fill out our RFQ Form for your free customer Quote in the New Hampshire or Maine area. Consulting is available throughout the USA via Armor-Guard Consulting U.S.A.

Services We Offer:

Asphalt Maintenance Crack SealingSealcoating
Line StripingAsphalt Patching & RepairAsphalt Maintenance Consulting